History Of LAGANF


The Ladies Amateur Golf Association North Florida (LAGANF) was created and patterned after the original LAGA in Dallas, Texas by Melissa Gotfredson and Carolyn Creekmore in the fall of 2020. The two were instrumental in the growth of the organization in Dallas. The Texas association was created to help advance good, competitive golf, great camaraderie, and friendship among the 10.4 index and lower handicappers in the Metroplex area of Dallas and Ft. Worth 31 years ago! What started with a few golfers has now grown to 80+ players all with a 10.4 index of less. The friendships were instantaneous and although the golf was good to start it became extremely good in a short time! In a period of 8 years from 2004-2011 a member of LAGA was in the finals of the U.S. SENIOR WOMEN’S AMATEUR seven times! In those 8 years three of the Champions were LAGA members. Two of our members were also in the finals of the U.S. WOMEN’S MID AM. The Texas Women’s Amateur and Texas Senior Women’s Amateur were also dominated by LAGA members! The goal was accomplished, LAGA made everyone better players. Competing against good players at home always on different golf courses gave them the confidence in our ability to compete anywhere.

We want the same thing for North Florida competitive female golfers. On December 1, 2020 we will invite the area’s best players to come together, play as often as possible and go out and represent North Florida with confidence and strength. The 10.4 index will be a goal for some but over time we hope our numbers will grow like they did in Dallas.

Carolyn Creekmore, Co-Founders
Melissa Gotfredson Co-Founders