Q. What happens if my handicap goes above 10.4 during the season?
A. With regard to handicaps…golf is a game of honor, so we ask that members self-police their USGA handicap/index and not enter an event unless they have a 10.4 index or under. Playday entries are open to those whose handicap index does not exceed 10.4 under the World Handicap System at the time of sign up on Evite.

Q. What are the costs to play member courses?
A. Some clubs charge a small guest fee – Costs are posted in the playday Evite sign up email.

Q. If I am having a bad round, can I pick up?
A. It would always be preferable for a player to complete each round, however if a player picks up during a hole, they become ineligible for any play day prizes. When that score is posted the player will record an X and must post that score for handicap purposes with her appropriate ESC maximum.